The kabaddi landscape outside of India

The kabaddi landscape outside of India

Kabaddi is a sport that’s taken India by storm for decades but has slowly but surely been making its way into the hearts of fans and players around the globe. There are unique kabaddi betting odds at 1xBet, where you will always have the chance to place wagers on excellent competitions from this discipline.

India might be the place where the discipline originated and enjoys its greatest popularity. However, the game has experienced a huge growth outside of this nation too.

Now, for those not too familiar with the game, kabaddi is a contact sport that, as said before, originated in India. It’s got a mix of 3 essential elements:

  • tagging;
  • wrestling;
  • and even holding breath.

The betting odds at 1xBet for kabaddi are quite attractive, and they can also help punters get extraordinary rewards by wagering on all its elements. Now, let’s dive into what’s happening with kabaddi beyond Indian borders.

The 1st country we can mention in this regard is Iran. They’ve quickly risen to become powerhouses, giving Indian teams huge competition. Their men’s team clinched a bronze in the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, and the women’s team wasn’t far behind, bagging silver in the 2017 Asian Kabaddi Championship. They’ve got a professional league running since 2018 and have invested heavily in grassroots development. We’re talking numbers in the range of hundreds of clubs and thousands of players getting into the kabaddi groove.

Kabaddi in other nations

South Korea is the 2nd country we can mention. They pulled off a massive upset by defeating India in the opening match of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. They’ve got their own league too, the Korea Kabaddi League, which kicked off in 2019. They’ve been focusing a lot on youth development, and it’s paying off greatly. The best kabaddi betting sites can be found at the 1xBet website, and here punters also have the chance to wager on South Korean kabaddi too.

Japan and Thailand are 2 countries that have been quietly climbing up the kabaddi ranks. Japan has produced some speedy players, and Thailand isn’t far behind. The 2 countries have participated in multiple international tournaments. While they haven’t bagged any major trophies yet, they’ve shown flashes of brilliance that have left fans and opponents impressed. Of course, the kabaddi betting sites provided by 1xBet are always the best place to wager on matches that are held in those nations too.

Kabaddi is slowly but surely growing in Europe and North America too. The UK has a pretty active kabaddi scene with the England Kabaddi League, and they’ve participated in international tournaments too. Canada and the USA are home to a sizable South Asian diaspora, and kabaddi has found a sweet spot there as well. The 2 nations have seen plenty of kabaddi matches being played in their territory.

There are many factors that fuel this growth. A lot of it comes down to the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in India. This league has revolutionized the sport, making it cool, flashy, and lucrative. Players from Iran, South Korea, and other countries have participated in the PKL, facing the best in the discipline.

The impact has been huge. The PKL has contributed to 2 major things. The 1st of them has been to allow kabaddi players to display their great talents not only to an Indian audience, but to a global one too. The 2nd aspect of this major impact has been to make the game known outside the borders of India.

All PKL’s matches are high-level productions. A lot of money is spent in creating a big experience for everybody who loves kabaddi. Also, its matches are extremely intense. Finally, another thing that people from India absolutely love is that some people from Bollywood are also involved in the discipline.

New kabaddi competitions and leagues are being created all across the world. This also means that the discipline will eventually be able to attract support, sponsorships and broadcasters. Establishing specific numbers is difficult, but the truth is that this sport is on the rise.


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