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So you have decided to start a blog but have not decided on what niche yet, right? Why not choose to have an educational blog? We are serious! If you have the knowledge of any particular subject and would love to impart it, then start a blog on a specific subject. It could be Chemistry, Botany, Technology, Science, Engineering, etc. you are free to choose what you would like to teach.

People all over the world are looking to learn and understand via e-learning to get free advice on various subjects. You could end up having the satisfaction of teaching those seeking to learn as well as make money while doing so.

Write an e-book, publish articles on the specific subject, release new chapters every week for your followers, etc. there is so much content to write about when you start an educational blog. Let’s tell you the A to Z of setting up your swashbuckling education blog.

Get Your Blog Started By Following These Crucial Steps

Starting a blog is quite easy and we will show you exactly how to have your very own blog up and running in less than an hour. Below we have listed a guide on the requirements of starting a blog and the best way to go about it.

Picking Your Perfect Domain Name

A domain name is the face of your blog, it is the web address people need to type or search to end up on your blog space. Remember to follow certain rules while picking your domain name as this can make or break your popularity as far as blogging goes.

  • Brainstorm a lot before you finalize on your blog name.
  • Ensure your blog name has a maximum of two to three words. Any longer and people will tend to forget.
  • Keep the name relevant to the educational subject at hand, for example, if it is related to an engineering blog, a name like TechNova would be ideal as your website name.
  • Always go for ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ if you can. This ensures that people have an easier time remembering as compared to other indexed sites.

Finding A Stable Web-hosting Company

The next step after picking your domain name is to find a good web hosting site. Web hosting is the process of hosting your website with your preferred domain name on a server through a third party business portal that offer their services. Before you pick a web hosting company, consider the following.

  • 24/7 Customer service to solve backend problems
  • Smoothing loading, to ensure your readers have no problems loading your website
  • Ability to handle high traffic to prevent server crash
  • Free Domain Name with Web Hosting plan. Great Deal!
  • Some great web hosting companies are GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator.

Set Up WordPress

WordPress is what we’re going to leverage to empower your blog; it is an extremely popular website platform used by a staggering 24% of the internet. Phew! That’s quite a remarkable feat. Other reasons to consider having WordPress is due to its brilliant themes and plugins that make it extremely user-friendly for you to transform your content into an awesome web page, and for readers to browse your blog.

Installing WordPress via your preferred web hosting company is a piece of cake. It requires you to just log in to your account via the company website, the post which you can start creating web pages using the WYSIWYG builder.

Tips For Maintaining A Successful Educational Blog

Starting a blog is just the beginning of an ongoing effort, in order for you to actually excel in drawing readers every now and then to your subject of expertise, you will need to stick to these golden rules.

#1 Quality Content

Quality Content

When you have figured out your subject and content focus, it is time to post informative posts. Readers don’t like to be bogged down by irrelevant topics. At all times stick to your niche, and impart as much valuable knowledge as you can to educate them. Try involving your readers with interesting projects that involve your subject; this can promote interest as compared to just reading a wall of text.

#2 Socialize With Your Readers

Socialize With Your Readers

Educational blogs can always draw a lot of doubts among your readers, which they might choose to ask you through comments. Always find time to respond and answer their queries, be ready to break it down for them if needed. This can not only motivate them to stick around your blogs but also appreciate the quality time you spent with them by sharing your blog with their social circle.

#3 Consistent Posting

Consistent Posting

You are required to post consistently for your readers if you hope to sustain a blog. More so with educational blogs due to the fact that people come periodically to expect a new lesson or two from you. Most are students looking to advance from your earlier topics, new content to them means advanced courses from which they can learn.

#4 Promote Your Blog

Promote Your Blog

If you want more students or readers to learn from your niche topics, then you need to promote your blog better. Start publishing every new post that you write on social media sites to gain the attention of like-minded individuals. Encourage your social circle and family to come learn your subject as a means of personal development. Push your content to a wider audience whenever you can and you will reap the benefits of an everlasting readership for your blog.

#5 Get A Special Theme Going


Your blog doesn’t have to be a boring site that just provides information all the time. Dress up your blog with fancy themes available on WordPress to reinvent your style from time to time. Add plugins and widgets to provide your readers with a user-friendly interface.

Add quirky words related to your subject all over the site to decorate your website.

#6 Adapt to the increasingly popular content-type: podcasts

The podcast’s popularity is rising at an unprecedented rate. More and more people are willing to consume an audio recording on the go rather than reading or watching the same material. Therefore, having 15-60 minutes podcasts in your blog will make it more attractive for your audience. You don’t need any special equipment to record a podcast. Use the special software to record and edit any podcats in minutes.

Top WordPress Themes To Choose For Your Educational Blog

WordPress themes tend to give you a unique touch to the type of field and subject that you are writing for. It’s important to understand what each theme offers to your relevant subject.

#1 Blackboard Theme


Price: $99

The Blackboard theme is ideal for people looking to have a testimonial page layout and a 3 column page design. The best part of this theme is its academic template that adds course details, course directories, widgets that add photo galleries and related events to your blog.

#2 Masterstudy


Price: $59

Masterstudy looks brilliant in terms of design and has a host of features such as 4 types of blog post layouts, theme based entirely upon online learnings, access to widgets that help readers have countdown timers to seminars and other time essential elements.

#3 Invent


Price: $59

Invent uses a more modern approach to its theme and gives the website an overall unlimited access to sidebars, it also has a vast collection of google fonts, it has some of the most creative headers of all the themes combined. Invent gives you as a blogger the freedom to design your website as per your need.

#4 Lectura


Price: $99

Lectura comes with a clean and brilliantly designed interface. Its features revolve around offering stylish variations to blogs that implement features such as course details, upcoming events, templates that give you a crispier and modern design element to add to your overall blog look.

#5 Education WordPress Theme – Ademy


Price: $34

Education Academy chooses a more simplistic approach to provide bloggers with only the most essential of elements. It also offers a lot of customizable options in the form of widgets to add to the site such as galleries and member lists. It is a great theme for your very first theme due to its rather simplistic design.

WordPress Plugins To Include In Your Educational Blog

Plugins offer to improve your already user-friendly theme by adding a host of different services such as.

  • Tubepress is a plugin that offers the ability to share videos from various streaming sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.
  • Comment Reply Notification notifies you by e-mail if you have received a reply from a previously commented post on your blog.
  • AddThis seamlessly integrates all the social media content from various other sites to your blog with a click of a button
  • Learning Log enables you as a lecturer to review a lot of the content written by your readers, it also stores information regarding assignments to be created for various different purposes.
  • mTouch Quiz allows you to create polls or quizzes based on the article you are writing. This plugin may be customized to allow the student who takes the test to attempt once or multiple times.

Amazing Educational Blogs To Follow And Learn Tricks From

Exciting blogs that can show you how to benefit from while teaching a course.

  1. Kleinspiration
  2. Teach Thought
  3. TeachBytes
  4. MindShift
  5. Answer Sheet

Closing Notes

With all the information given above, it is now easy for you to get your dream blog on education going within no time. It is crucial to always keep yourself well updated on the topic of your choice to provide the best of knowledge to your readers.
An educational blog is always in demand and more and more readers approach on a daily basis to learn in the preferred form of digital learning.


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