Basic Rules

1. Don’t spam.
2. Have fun.
3. Please watch your language! (Simple)
4. As always, have fun!
5. Prop Killing/Pushing is not allowed KARMA RESETS EVERY 20 ROUNDS or 2 HOURS! WATCH WHO YOU KILL! KARMA NOW BANS AT 550

Any rules broken will either be slain for a round, or banned for 1-2 hours, repeatable offenses with occur with a longer ban.


You NEED!!! I Repeat!!! YOU NEED!! Proof On Why You Killed Anyone Unless Your A “T”. “T’s” Can Provide Fake Proof, Dont Get Caught!! Inno’s And Detectives Need Proof Why Killing Someone And To Explain After WHY!!! You Killed Them.Tell Us Why And Have Valid Proof. Thank!!
1. You must have adequate proof to kill a player. RDM is not allowed. (Random death matching) This includes AFK’s. Report AFK’s to staff members. You can KOS (Kill On Sight) someone for not responding to the third live check (3 live checks need to be issued). Purposefully damaging someone in any way without a legitimate reason is considered attempted RDM.
2. No unwarranted call outs.
3. No propminging (killing, pushing, throwing, blocking), unless you’re a traitor, will be tolerated. This does not include possessing props while spectator. No prop surfing (or climbing to otherwise inaccessible parts of the map) under any circumstances.
4. No disrespecting or trolling of another player, Regardless of age, gender or race.
5. Ghosting and hacking are serious offensives. Do not communicate with others through steam chat, third-party programs (Skype), or even props.
6. No claiming and camping by anyone, even while getting kills. You must be actively playing the game. Traitors can’t be in Traitor rooms for longer than 1 minute. Snipers have more leniency.
7. Don’t delay in any way. You must be actively playing during rounds, and not wasting time.
8. Do not Traitor bait. T-baiting is giving a player any reason to kill you. Examples: Shooting randomly, throwing grenades that could potentially kill someone, calling yourself out, calling a proven innocent out, calling a detective out, carrying explosive barrels and setting them off, crow barring the health station, etc. If someone traitor baits, but you don’t REALLY REALLY REALLY think they’re a traitor, then don’t kill them. Just because they traitor bait doesn’t mean you have an obligation to kill them. It’s your karma. (See rule 15.)
9. If someone is following you, you must give them 3 warnings to stop following you. It is considered traitor baiting if you continue to follow someone after they give you 3 warnings. If someone is door blocking, only 1 warning is needed.
10. Inappropriate sprays (pornographic, gore, racist, etc.) are not allowed.
11. No illegible, duplicate or offensive names.
12. There are no detectives’ orders. People do not have to respond to getting traitor tested, ammo checks, or why they are injured. You can not kos for not calling to bodies. You CAN suspect them with a burning passion. Detectives can call health stations proven only. Detectives have full control over their buy menu items. If a detective willingly gives you an item, it is no longer considered under the detectives power.
13. You must provide a clear warning (preferably in chat) to your traitor buddies before you use a suicide bomb or a traitor trap. If after repeated warning your actions cause a traitor death, that is their fault, not yours. If you die by someone else’s C4, it is ALWAYS your fault.
14. Do not “backseat moderate”. This means telling staff how to do their job. You may report RDMs, post damage logs, and notify staff about rule breakers, but do not tell staff what to do.
16. It is your responsibility to listen to what is happening. Playing music in the background of your game or muting players can only negatively affect you. Muting the game can only hurt you, as people aren’t required to use text chat. Try to pay attention to both text and voice chat at all times.
17. Remember that TTT is a game. Treat it as such. Do not ruin the fun for anybody else. (Don’t be a “dooshbag”.)
18. Abuse of the RDM Manager will result in a ban. Attempting to evade punishment will result in a ban