New Site

Hey.. Got around to doing a new site in this months wave o updates. Few changes around the servers this month and some new news!

TTT Changes:
Tweaked money a bit.
Started work on more backend code for a future update.
Added a new map to the cycle.

We started a new map
Still white listed will add a app on this site.
Still in no mods mode
Still no admins.
This is still running as the basic MC server for now.

7 comments to New Site

  • Dubby  says:

    So what about those that want to be whitelisted for MC. How do they ask?

    • gre3n  says:

      There will be a form on this site soon.

  • Lind  says:

    Also I’d like to know since people always ask, how can they apply for staff?

    • gre3n  says:

      This will be set up when needed

  • Kross  says:

    OOh Baby a Triple!

  • Raywind99  says:

    So when is the whitelist app coming out you said soon in may and now its november?

  • Dj  says:

    How do I apply for mod or trial mod

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